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However, so that our staff can spend time with their families, Game Train will be CLOSED on Easter. April 21st.


Our goal is to provide the best place for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Some will come for our 350+ board game collection, others to ride our train simulator. Our delicious selection of food and beverages can be enjoyed by all. Come Ride, Dine and Play with us.

In our travels, Game Train has uncovered the legend of inventor and traveller, Artemis Stemm.  Art inspires our decor and theme. His travel diary takes us to faraway lands and fascinating people.


Monday – Thursday |  11AM10PM

Friday |  11AM12AM

Saturday |  11AM12AM

Sunday |  11AM8PM


Our $5 per person game library fee opens unlimited access to our library of hundreds of board games during your visit. We suggest titles, set up games, assist with most game rules, and  remove and retrieve next games.

With 350+ games to choose from (and growing), there is something for all ages, and game type preferences.


Leave daily life behind and escape

to a time of innovation

engaging parlor games

‘genuine’ steam train travel

(Our train simulators don’t actually leave the station, but it’ll feel like you did!)


Victorian age passenger train styling throughout the interior.


Experience a variety of rail destinations outside the train windows, including California Redwoods, vineyards, and traveling along the Pacific Coast.


Our fully immersive train rides include a realistic vibration, simulating the train clanking along the steel rails.


While the train travels down its virtual track, your experience is complimented with a subtle rumble from the wheels rolling along the tracks.



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Getaway to California Redwoods

California Dreamin’ on such a winter day. Escape to the California Redwood forest to experience the majestic greenery of the Pacific Northwest. Just one of our scenic train rides. 


Come enjoy the majesty of California’s Pacific Coast, without having to keep your hands on the wheel…or deal with California drivers!  This tranquil ride offers unrivaled views of the magnificent Pacific Ocean, a truly lovely backdrop for any activity.


If you haven’t experienced the beautiful rolling hills of California’s historic Sonoma valley, you should strongly consider this delicious trip.  With seemingly endless hills delicately laced with intricate grape vineyards, a ride through this internationally renowned wine mecca is sure to help any traveller unwind and embrace the many joys Game Train has to offer. 


There is something truly special about the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Experience the tranquil beauty of the Rockies at that magical time of year when they are splashed with the radiant colors of fall.  If you haven’t had the opportunity the experience the winding paths through the mountains, this ride will give you an all new experience!



People from all over the world have come to America and brought favorite family recipes. Some set up eateries near the train stations to feed hungry travelers. Victorian age travelers, such as Artemis Stemm appreciated fine cuisine, and wrote about these havens in his diaries.

Tales of memorable meals inspire our chefs to recreate tasty ‘international recipes’ from all over America. Our simulated trains will transport you and your taste buds all around the world.

Full bar includes 4 local brews on tap, house wines, and specialty mixed drinks.

 Our $5 game library fee per person unlocks unlimited access to hundreds of board games on our Game Menu during your visit. We suggest titles, set up games, assist with most game rules, and remove and retrieve next games. Under 6 free.


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