Board Game Getaway

Arriving Summer 2018

The Game Train Story


  • Getaway to Exotic places without leaving Centennial
  • Immersive simulated railway experience
  • Private booths or Party car


Delectable signature food and beverages

  • Chef inspired creations sized to your group’s appetite
  • Vegan and gluten free options
  • Themed cocktails and the best local brew


  • Throughout the ages, one of the best ways to connect is across the table talking, laughing, and playing board games.
  • When we get on board to have fun together, everyone is a winner!

What Makes Us Unique

Customer Experience

Attentive staff customizes each guest’s experience

  • Game set-up and instruction
  • Theme inspired costumes and welcoming attitude
  • Great food and themed atmosphere

Past Meets Future

  • 1890s inventions and Victorian flair inspired decor
  • Timeless game adventures while riding a high tech train simulation

Social Connection

Seating options for ultimate social experience

  • Quiet booths for conversation and concentration
  • Train “station” lounge to gather and socialize
  • Community table invites you to learn new games and make new friends

Building on Success

Community Events

We learned valuable lessons as we held 2 large public events and several private game tests. We continue to improve game selections, food/beverage offerings, and Train Conductor services. We learned what works best and what doesn’t. During these events, hundreds of people enjoyed the results.

Game Train began early 2016, carefully selecting key employees, consultants, advisors, co-op partners, and Colorado-based suppliers. We built a strong team to help our passengers escape the everyday and enjoy meaningful social time with others. Your entertainment is the mission of our entire staff, from our Chef and cooks in the kitchen to our Conductors that set up your game.

Always On the Move!

Over the past year, the Game Train team visited and continues to monitor dozens of popular local, national, and international venues and events to perfect offerings our passengers will enjoy as they get away to connect with others. We combine best practices of board game venues, restaurants, brew pubs, and popular entertainment destinations with comforts, sights, and sounds of train travel.

Into the Future

Game Train’s research and development continues to explore better ways to assist, educate, and entertain. We seek out and test new technologies like “spatial augmented reality”, a form of video projection mapping to add 3-D aspects to the passenger’s experiences.