A Welcoming Place

We have great customers at Game Train USA, and our greatest joy comes from seeing people, laugh, talk, and enjoy being together. Board games can be a great way to socialize. In addition, we have seen a lot of acts of kindness. Two stand out.

One Wednesday, a lady came in looking for a Meetup group at Game Train. The group had already started a game, and were at the maximum number of players that the game could accommodate. Our manager invited the lady to learn a new game. Our hostess joined in. The following Saturday, this same lady came in and told us that she had gone to a game café that evening looking for a group to welcome her into their game, and no one did. She then decided to go to Game Train where, ‘she knew she would be welcome.’ In fact, my husband and I were there and we all enjoyed playing a couple of games.

Another evening, a group was playing a game at the bar when a young man came in. He sat nearby, and ordered a beer. About 10 minutes later we noticed that the group at the bar had invited this young man to join their game. Even after the game was over, it was clear that he had been welcomed into the group. This is what we wanted Game Train to be- a place where people are welcomed and find a place to belong.   

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