Community Connections

Life often requires 2 or more players.  Whether you come to Game Train with a group or not, we’re happy to help you have the best experience possible. Once we open, we will have options for even the lone wolf to get in the game. If we are not too busy, a staff member can join you for one of our awesome 2-player games.

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Scheduled Games

When you’ve got a game you love but no one to play it with you, Game Train is here to help.  Our Community Table will have scheduled games by type.  Guests can simply show up during their game’s window and find a ready competitor.  Shortly before we open, we will post a schedule.  Let us know if you’ve got a game you’d like  to play or add to the schedule.  We can give it a try and maybe make it part of the regular weekly offering!

Community Table

When we open, there will be a long, beautiful table with your name on it.  Not literally, because there are a lot of names in the world.  Put another way, everyone is welcome at our community table.  Bring your friends, come alone to find new friends, whatever your fancy.

Request a Game

We periodically rotate the games for play at our grand shared table.  If there’s a specific game you’d like to see featured at our community table, let us know and we’ll consider adding it to the roster!

Game Train Events

Game Train sponsors a number of community and charity events.  Take a look at past extraordinary extravaganzas!