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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a real train?

A: We offer a train simulation experience, with sights, sounds, and feel of a train without leaving the station.

Q: What does it cost to ride the train?

A: Seating in trains is first come first serve, There is no extra charge to ride. Note: Tues-Thursday, trains may be closed for maintenance.

Q: Does TSA do screenings before boarding?

A: Maybe on real trains, not on our train simulations.  If fact, they don’t even screen real trains.

Q: Can my seat cushion on the train double as a flotation device?

A: If you manage to find water, we welcome you to check for yourself.

Q: What is the cost to play board games?

A: $5 per person game fee includes unlimited access to our game library. Our staff can help setup and put away your game(s), although some more complicated games are best set up by the players themselves. Game guides are available for tips and helping you navigate the rules for the most popular games.  We do offer loyalty programs, discount nights, group rates, and special packages.

Q: Can I bring in my own game?

A: Tues-Thurs board game groups can play their own games without paying the $5 game library fee. Please keep in mind that food and beverage sales are what pay our rent, and no outside food and beverages are allowed.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: Yes, based on availability. Due to the nature of board gaming, a group may stay for a short game for an hour or less, or play for a couple hours, so reservations are strongly encouraged for parties larger than 8, for special events, business team-building, use of our private rooms. Room rentals may require advanced fee payment. Give us a call to schedule your next event! Note: Covid 19 restrictions require reservations for all groups, and the group size limits are subject to change. Call for latest updates.