Play Games for days.

Or weeks, or forever!

We Carry Over 600 Board Games!

A small fee of $5 per person opens access to our library of hundreds of board games during your visit. We’ll suggest titles, set up your game, remove and retrieve next games, and even assist with your chosen game’s rules.

Games Are Good

Come play your favorite board game in a comfortable, social atmosphere.


Play Once

  • Play any number of games from our board game library
  • Game suggestions from our staff
  • Game set up and removal
  • Assistance with game rules


  • All Play Once benefits (Sun-Thursday)
  • Join a biweekly game group or start one of your own
  • 10% off food, drink, retail board games
  • Fill your Geek Club travel mug with soft drink once per visit
  • Members only events
Did you know?

We Sell Games!

Why buy your games anywhere else? We have an impressively large selection of classic and modern brand-new board games available for purchase right here in our store! Come shop around for yourself or someone you know! Support local business while ensuring you get exactly what you want!