Game Train is a tribute to bygone times of parlor games, inventions, and travel. Game Train brings to life the mythical story of Artemis (aka Art) Stemm- inventor of the clean Steam engine

Artemis Stemm dreamed of being an inventor. In 1883, he began an apprenticeship with Thomas Edison, helping fine-tune his inventions. Artemis met and worked briefly with Nicola Tesla in Edison’s shop. Rumor has it that Art saw plans for Tesla’s ‘dynamo’ battery.

Hearing about Tesla’s travel across the ocean to America, Artemis grew restless and took a job as a railroad conductor. Riding the rails across the USA, Art met Max Punk, a mechanic from the train yard. Art and  Max created   batteries powerful enough to fuel the locomotive engine. The new Stemm-Punk batteries were recharged by the motion of the train wheels. (like diesel/electric locomotives of today). These batteries could only provide enough power to pull two train cars at a time, and were popular for a short time with the privileged class.

Artemis continued to travel, sampling new foods, and enjoying many travel games, which are the inspiration for Game Train’s Decor, menu, and board game selection. Art’s story may be fiction, but his zest for travel and innovation live on.  Game Train is building 2 Stemm-Punk train car simulations for our guests to enjoy.