What motivates us?

Over the past year, our team visited (and continues to research and monitor) dozens of popular local, national, and international venues and events to perfect offerings our passengers will enjoy as they get away to connect with others. We combine best practices of board game venues, restaurants, brew pubs, and popular entertainment destinations with comforts, sights, and sounds of train travel. Some of our favorites include:


This is the first place Game Train has encountered where friendly staff helps customers get started with their game. BGR is a cross between a board game bar and cafe, that offers a nice food selection.

As far as we know, this is the original Board Game Cafe. They have expanded their space, and we’ve heard that people wait 2 hours for a table during peak times.

California’s version of Snakes and Lattes

A Texas bar for gamers with cool features added to their tables to call servers, and keep food and drink off board games.

A Game Train founder not usually impressed with museums felt like she was really living out history here. Their 1940’s train car simulation is a model for those at Game Train.

Many local Brew pubs have sprung up in the Denver area. Game Train will offer select brews from the area, along with a venue that encourages folks to relax and connect with friends and family.

Social venues in the area offer themed decor, activities to encourage interaction, and even a few games here and there. Game Train has combined these popular features with a quieter atmosphere for better conversation and game play

Like Top Golf, Game Train mixes an ever-popular activity for all ages, with high tech effects and good food.

A place to gather, visit small shops, and eat while waiting for your train. There is even a shuffleboard in the middle. We liked the mix of original wooden benches and old station decor with modern touches.

This is a good place to see a variety of vintage train cars, and go for a ride. Game Train’s Christmas Express event was based on Polar Express seasonal features offered at this museum and other venues.

Game Train has combined the breathtaking scenery like what is viewed from this railway (on our 4K screens) with year-round indoor comfort in a themed venue. The route to the top of Pike’s Peak can get pretty chilly, even in the summer.